December In Lagos

December In Lagos

Well if you don’t already know this, you’ve probably been living under a rock. 😋

The City of Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria is the utmost tourist destination especially during the Yuletide season when everyone comes from far and near to be around friends and family for Christmas and the coming new year.

From the elegant display of Christmas decorations by Zenith Bank which is most beautiful at night especially on your way to your favorite restaurants and hangout spots ( most of which run 24hrs!).

Aerial view of Ajose Adeogun Roundabout. Image- F27arts<<
e Zenith Bank decor houses a cosy Santa Park perfect for couples relaxation and also suitable for kids – Family day out just got better!🙂 The decoration decked in the traditional colors of Christmas is launched with a Lighting Up Ceremony. – Absolutely Breathtaking!😍

Zenith Bank Lighting Up Ceremony 2018 The Civic Center Lagos is not left out on the fun as their annual Christmas decorations is a sight for sore eyes, captivating the minds of its viewers while boosting the joy of the season.

Aerial shot of Civic towers and Civic Center. Image- F27arts So if you haven’t already, call your friends, call your sisters, get your squad together,pack your bags and book that ticket. It’s Christmas time and you’re coming to Lagos Nigeria!💃🏼

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