Eating Healthy Vs Nigerian Food

“Na something go kill person last last” is probably what you hear when you speak to people about nutrition and eating clean. Well that is true, something must kill a man but that something shouldn’t be you.

“But I’m not sick now”, no you might not be sick yet but eating healthy provides your body with enough anti bodies to defend our bodies against illness besides the glowing skin, mental alertness and physical strength and endurance.

“So you want us to start eating grass like goats “

Eating grass isn’t such a bad thing that’s why we are here.

A Plant based diet is the solution to the ultimate healthy lifestyle but as the Africans we are , Dear God please deliver us from Asun and goat meat.

For those of us that can not totally eradicate animal based protein completely, let’s talk portion control!

Technically, the body takes 24hrs to break down food consumed, imagine having breakfast lunch and dinner consistently for a week, imagine the backlog of work we are asking our bodies to perform. (If your Boss tasked you that hard, You would definitely need a day or two off!😋😋)

Meaning our bodies don’t require food as much as we think and definitely not in the quantities some of us consume.

Half the time, sickness are as a result of lack of a nutrient in the body system

Like one of my favorite life coaches would say “Treat your body like a garden where life grows not like a morgue where dead animals are dumped “. Cheee!

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