Simi Live

The Simi Live Concert was awesome! To Say the least.

Besides the fact that the attendees had to wait hours on end before she showed up, the rest of the show was a blast!

We were entertained by serenades by. Who gave the crowd a mellow rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Picture Perfect ft Beyoncé while the crowd sang along gleefully.

Then the oh-so-sultry Nomso Amadi came on with his new songs and the crowd ‘s favorite “tonight ”

A couple more artists come on and finally, the lady of the moment dazzled in looking like a little fairy. She dazed the crowd with amazing performances off of her “Simisola” album with her amazing dancers. Even had a ballet dancer make a cameo appearance. Superb!

It was all sweet and dandy until the Bahd Guy showed up, Falzthebahdguy and turned the show into a concert. Performing some of my personal faves, Foreign, Soldier

Then we had the loverboy himself, AdekunleGold on stage performing their special duets together. To say the least, it was an amazing one and make sure you catch every chance to see this Live!


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